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Russian airforce pilots held a Victory air parade in Syria

The pilots of the Russian Airforce and space forces (VKS) held at the Victory Day air show on air base in Syria Hamim.

The air show was attended by mi-8AMTSH and Mi-35M transport and attack helicopters, an-30 and An-72 military transport aircraft, su-35 multi-purpose supermaneuverable fighters, and SU-34 multi-role fighter-bombers.

“Immortal regiment” in online mode, planes in the sky and front-line songs from military vehicles

In addition, a long-range radar detection aircraft a-59 and two SU-24 bombers flew in the Syrian sky, which simulated refueling in the air.

“We are going to fly, feeling responsible, in order to send greetings in the form of an air display far from the Motherland, and this day is another opportunity to remember the departed veterans with a good word, to congratulate those who are still in the ranks, and to remind ourselves that there is someone to look up to and learn from,” said SU-24 pilot Sergey Dmitriev.

According to his colleague, SU-24 pilot Vasily Petrov, the most difficult thing in the flight is to withstand all the parameters: the formation, speed and precise output in time.

An air parade was also held in Latakia.

According to the Agency, participants of the action “Immortal regiment” Elena Saad, Elena Nasser, Tatiana Kassab and the coordinator of the action in Syria Inna Boridko took photos of their relatives who participated in the great Patriotic war, and followed the military pilots.

The servicemen also watched Russian President Vladimir Putin’s address to the nation live on air. During the address, the head of state congratulated the Russians on Victory day and promised that the Victory anniversary will be celebrated widely and with dignity, with a parade on red square and a March of the “Immortal regiment”.

Putin also laid flowers at the grave of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin wall. He also observed a minute of silence in memory of those who died in the great Patriotic war.

This year, commemorative events were postponed due to the situation with a coronavirus infection. The March of the “Immortal regiment” takes place online. To participate in it, a platform was launched in Russia. Most of the citizens believe that this action is necessary and support it.

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