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Zelensky government accused of distorting the history of the Second world war

After Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky came to power, the new government continued its course of distorting the history of world war II. This was stated on Thursday, May 7, by Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on integration of Ukraine with the European Union Oleg Voloshin during a video bridge dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

“The struggle for historical memory is of great importance for the future of Ukraine and for all of us. There is no denying the fact that there are attempts to rehabilitate supporters of Nazism, they are installing monuments and monuments.”

The MP said that when Zelensky came to power last year, many had hopes for a change in the situation, since the grandfather of the current head of state went through the entire war. According to Voloshin, the President himself “shares in his heart the same values, the same beliefs” that the participants of the video bridge adhere to. However, at the state level, according to the Deputy, the government is “on the same track as the previous one”.

The politician also appealed to members of the European Parliament Tatyana Zhdanyuk and Miroslav Radachovsky with a request to draw the attention of EU leaders to attempts to rehabilitate Nazism taking place in Ukraine.

“A country cannot claim to belong to the European political culture if it casts doubt on the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal and all the other results of the Second world war,” Voloshin said.

On April 24, it was reported that in the Lviv region, schoolchildren were brought to the grave of the Nazi Dmytro Pelip to lay flowers and light candles.

On January 27, during his visit to Poland, Zelensky called the USSR one of the States that unleashed the Second world war. According to him, the war was caused by the “collusion of totalitarian regimes”, which Poland was the first to feel.

In turn, the Kremlin said that it categorically disagrees with the position voiced by Zelensky in Poland. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov regarded such statements as” erroneous ” and noted that Moscow does not accept such statements. In addition, Peskov noted that such a statement “is unlikely to be combined with the faith and beliefs” of Ukrainian citizens.



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