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Glavkontrol explains the acceleration of clouds over Moscow

Clouds over Moscow will be dispersed on May 9 to ensure the safety of military aviation flights, and not for the festive walks of citizens. This was reported on Thursday, May 7, in the capital’s Main control Department.

“For our dear veterans, an aviation flight will be organized on may 9. We will all be able to see it on TV or from the Windows of homes where possible. To do this, it is necessary to disperse the clouds if the weather is unfavorable, and the forecast is such,” quoted the head of Glavkontrol of the city Yevgeny Danchikov.

According to him, clear skies are necessary for the flight of a group of aircraft. This is the main condition for ensuring the safety of air flights.

Clouds are traditionally dispersed on Victory Day, so that a group of aircraft has a good visibility of each other. Also, the clear sky allows for high-quality video broadcasting of the air part of the parade.

The contract for cloud dispersal in Moscow is signed for several events for the entire year, Danchikov said. The amount of the 2020 contract of 452 million rubles can be reviewed only if an event or holiday requiring cloudless weather is canceled.

An air parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of victory In the great Patriotic war (WWII) will be held in Moscow. The broadcast will be broadcast on television. Citizens will not visit the observation decks. Violators of the self-isolation regime, introduced because of the threat of spreading coronavirus infection, will be brought to administrative responsibility.

Earlier on May 7, the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand did not rule out that special means may be used to disperse clouds in Moscow on May 9 to hold an aviation parade. On Victory Day, meteorologists predicted high clouds and rain, writes “Federal news Agency”.

In mid-April, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to postpone the celebrations on the occasion of the Victory in the great Patriotic war due to the spread of coronavirus. Later, the head of state announced an air parade and fireworks display on may 9. The President himself will lay flowers at the Eternal flame on this day and address the Russians.

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