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Turkish media talked about future restrictions on hotels in the country

Hotels in Turkey will operate with a number of restrictions in the summer due to coronavirus-hotels can be filled up to 60%. This was reported by the Sabah newspaper with reference to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of culture and tourism of the country on Wednesday, May 6.

According to the Department’s plan, guests will have their temperature measured and masks issued to them when they check in. At the reception will add markings that allow you to maintain a social distance.

Surfaces in hotels will be regularly disinfected, and rooms will be empty for 12 hours after guests are evicted.

Hotels will set up a quarantine zone where guests with suspected coronavirus will be sent.

In the food areas, food will be covered with a protective glass panel in case guests cough or sneeze. A distance of 1.5 meters will be observed between the tables, and the number of people in the dining halls will be limited. Coffee machines and other vending machines that guests use will also be temporarily unavailable.

When using the hotels beaches, pools and sun beds, social distance will also be observed, and new rules of use will be hung before the entrance. The pools will also maintain significant levels of chlorine.

Spas and fitness centers will not be open this season.

The report notes that the Turkish Ministry of transport is preparing to launch domestic flights after the upcoming weekend, and international flights, after June 12. The Republic expects to take its first foreign flights from Germany and Russia. However, according to the new plan, flights will be operated from airports in cities with a low risk of coronavirus.

In April, Turkish culture and tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said he hoped to open the tourist season in the country at the end of may. And Turkish hoteliers have promised not to raise prices after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, regardless of the occupancy of hotels.

As reported on April 29, the newspaper Turizm Günlüğü, the Turkish authorities will gradually start opening international air traffic from may 27, the country will go through four stages of lifting restrictions. It was noted that it will be possible to fully return to normal life only after the creation of a vaccine.

According to the Worldometer website on may 6, 129,491 cases of coronavirus were registered in Turkey during the entire period of the epidemic.


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