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The State Duma proposes a solution for public workers who lost their jobs

In Russia, public works may be introduced for enterprises where production has been suspended due to quarantine measures due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was stated on Wednesday, May 6, in an interview with “parliamentary newspaper” Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Commission for support of small and medium-sized businesses Airat Farrakhov.

“We have identified a whole set of issues related to the employment of people in such organizations. One of the proposals is to amend the legislation, including the Labor code, to introduce the practice of public works,” the Deputy said.

According to him, public works in the absence of demand would help to preserve collectives and provide income for citizens.

Farrakhov pointed out that such a Federal program was applied after the global financial crisis in 2008.

On April 29, a report from the International labour organization was presented, which indicates that more than 305 million people in the world will lose their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, and about 1.6 billion will not have any means of livelihood. Employees of companies whose activities are limited in the context of the pandemic, as well as enterprises from the most affected areas of the economy, are at risk of losing their jobs.

As of April 28, the number of officially registered unemployed in Russia has reached 950 thousand people. According to the forecast of the HSE Institute for social policy, the number of registered unemployed may grow to 5.3 million people.


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