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Shoigu announced the withdrawal of Russian specialists from Italy

The withdrawal of Russian specialists who helped Italy fight the coronavirus infection will begin on may 7. This statement was made by Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Wednesday, May 6, at a conference call.

“Tomorrow we will start withdrawing RBH protection units from Italy. I ask the chief of the General staff to organize a solemn meeting of the combined detachments. To submit to me proposals for encouraging distinguished military personnel, doctors and all those who were engaged in disinfection in cities and facilities in Italy, ” he said.

Earlier in the day, the Russian defense Ministry reported that Russian and Italian doctors had already treated 75 patients with coronavirus in a field hospital in the Italian city of Bergamo. Since the start of the mobile hospital, Russian specialists have taken 112 people for treatment, 75 of them have already been discharged.

It also became known that the Russian military conducted sanitary treatment of medical institutions in more than 90 localities of the Lombardy region.

On may 4, Italy began phasing out restrictions imposed after the country became the epicenter of the spread of coronavirus in Europe.

From 23 to 25 March, 15 Russian Il-76 aircraft arrived in Italy, which delivered military virologists and epidemiologists, as well as equipment for diagnostics and disinfection of coronavirus. Among the delivered equipment is a mobile complex of analysis and diagnostics, high-performance mobile disinfection products with a stock of disinfectants, special equipment for providing qualified assistance to severe patients affected by coronavirus infection. The parties agreed that a team of Russian specialists with medical cargo will go to Italy on March 22.

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