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Merkel announces the completion of the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany


Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel during a video conference with the Ministers of the German Federal States, said that the first phase of the spread of coronavirus infection in the country is behind us. This is reported by BILD on Wednesday, May 6.

She also praised the Germany people for their discipline in complying with restrictive measures in the country. At the same time, the Chancellor noted that it is still a long time to fight the infection.

Also during the meeting, Merkel announced the extension of restrictions on social contacts in the country until June 5. According to her, these measures will gradually be eased.

So, in the country, open-air training is again allowed, subject to the rules of social distance. Citizens can also meet with relatives, for example, for a joint lunch. In addition, the authorities allowed stores to open regardless of their size.

The Chancellor noted that the regions themselves will have to decide whether to open restaurants, bars, discos and hotels. However, if more than 50 cases of infection per 100,000 residents are detected in districts and cities within a week, restrictive measures will be tightened again.

From the second half of may, according to the results of the meeting of the authorities, the football Bundesliga (national championship), which was suspended on March 31, can be resumed in the country. The exact date will be determined later.


Earlier in the day, it was reported that schools in Germany are scheduled to resume work before the summer holidays.


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