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Forecasters talked about the weather in Moscow on May 6

In Moscow and the region on Wednesday, May 6, cloudy weather is expected, rain and thunderstorms. This is reported on the website of the hydrometeorological center of Russia.

According to experts ‘ forecasts, the capital and the Moscow region will be under the influence of active atmospheric fronts on may 6. Short-term rains are expected, thunderstorms are possible. The air temperature will be up to + 19…+21 degrees in the capital and +17…+22 in the region, writes the Moscow city news Agency.

The wind is South-easterly with gusts up to 5-10 m/s. During a thunderstorm, its gusts can reach 12-15 m/s, writes RT. Atmospheric pressure will decrease and by the middle of the day will be 739 mm Hg. relative humidity will be about 60%.

Earlier on may 6, it was reported that Moscow declared a “yellow” level of weather danger due to wind and thunderstorms. According to experts, a warning about adverse weather conditions in the capital will be in effect from 11: 00 on may 6 to 11: 00 on may 8, in the Moscow region – from Wednesday night to 11: 00 on may 7, the Zvezda TV channel specifies.

As noted by the TV channel “360”, abnormally warm weather will last in Moscow until may 7. After that, the temperature will drop and get closer to the usual values for this time of year. According to the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand, the changeable weather that can be observed in recent days in Moscow is the norm for may. At the same time, Vilfand said, we are now in the middle of June according to climate characteristics.

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