The head of the World Health Organization calls one of the best means to combat COVID-19

Regular hand washing is one of the best remedies to combat coronavirus. This opinion was expressed on Monday, may 4, by the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adanom Ghebreyesus.

“Simple hand washing can become a watershed between life and death,to combat coronavirus and it remains one of the most important public health measures to protect people, families and societies from COVID-19 and many other diseases,” said the head of the who on May 5, world hand hygiene day.

He pointed out that millions of people in the world do not have the opportunity to practice this one of the fundamental precautionary measures. According to him, in the world, less than two-thirds of health facilities have equipment for washing hands, and 3 billion people on the planet have no water supply in their homes and no soap. Gebreyesus stressed that to counter the spread of coronavirus or any other infection, it is necessary to increase investment in soap, access to water and alcohol-based detergents.

While gradually easing the restrictions associated with the pandemic, the head of World Health Organization(WHO) recommended continuing to consistently apply measures such as hand washing and physical distance. Among other important activities, he named the search, isolation, testing and treatment of all patients, as well as the identification of all contacts.

Gebreyesus recalled that in a number of countries, the dynamics of morbidity continues to grow.

“This virus will stay with us for a long time, so we need to develop and share tools to fight it together,” the CEO stated.

On may 3, EMERCOM specialists gave citizens advice on home disinfection. So, it is necessary not only to wash your hands more often, but after returning home, you should rinse your throat and face. Special attention should be paid to the eyes and nose. It is better to wash your shoes and change your clothes to your home ones. Be sure to wash your hands before each meal. Additional recommendations: ventilation of bathrooms and wet cleaning.


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