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COVID-19: Ministry of defense,Armed forces reports almost 3.2 thousand cases

3189 cases of COVID-19 have been detected in the Russian armed forces and military educational institutions. These statistics reflect the dynamics in the period from the beginning of March to the present day. This information is provided in the Bulletin of the Ministry of defense of the country, published on Monday, May 4.

Among the military personnel, 1,384 people with a positive test result for COVID-19 were detected by continuous testing for the presence of infection. Two of the patients are in a serious condition, 11 are in a moderate condition, and the rest are asymptomatic.

1,247 cases of infection were detected in military universities. The condition of all patients is “normal, asymptomatic”. COVID-19 was also confirmed in 209 pre-University students.

“Since April 30, 2020, the academic year has been completed in pre-University educational institutions of the Russian defense Ministry. Educational programs have been fully implemented. Pupils are sent on vacation”, – noted in the Department.

Positive tests for the presence of infection were also confirmed in 349 people from civilian personnel of the country’s armed forces.

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