Brewers will be allows temporarily to produce antiseptics


Brewers may be temporarily allowed to produce alcohol-containing antiseptics. This was reported to journalists by state Secretary-Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Sazanov on Thursday, April 30.

He said that the Ministry of Finance of Russia supported the proposal of beer producers to produce gel antiseptics for non-commercial purposes and prepared a corresponding draft resolution.

“We have prepared a draft decree of the government of the Russian Federation, which gives beer producers, whose equipment is equipped with automatic meters for measuring the volume of finished products, temporary permission to produce a certain amount of alcohol-containing disinfectants for non-commercial purposes.

He stressed that in order to obtain a permit, manufacturers will not need to pay state duty. According to Sazanov, initiatives to produce antiseptics for free transfer in the current situation can only be welcomed.

Alcohol-containing waste from the production of non-alcoholic beer can be used for the production of antiseptics, the state Secretary noted, as well as ethyl alcohol, which is purchased by companies for technical purposes.

Subsequently, the company must necessarily transmit information about the volume of production of disinfectants to the Unified state automatic accounting system for alcohol and alcohol-containing products, as well as the volume of used alcohol-containing waste and ethyl alcohol.


The measure was introduced as part of the fight against COVID-19. At the moment, the draft resolution is under interdepartmental approval.

On April 22, the government was asked to use confiscated illegal alcohol in the production of antiseptics. According to Senator Sergei Ryabukhin, such a step may be relevant if the regions again experience explosive demand for these products. He noted that the confiscated goods should be denatured before being sent to the production of antiseptics. This measure will make it impossible to use it, which means that it will eliminate the main risk in this situation poisoning of people.


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