Russia conceives a service for controlling traffic lights via a smartphone


In 2021, Russia may have a smartphone app “Caterpillar”, which allows pedestrians to extend the time of the green light signal. This was reported on April 29 with reference to the press Secretary of the NP “GLONASS” Yaroslav Fedoseyev.

“In fact, we give pedestrians the opportunity to become traffic controllers via a smartphone. Technology can also help people with limited vision, the disabled, and seniors cross the road. As part of the Avtodata project, we are ready to introduce pilot operation of the Caterpillar application in the next 1-2 years, “the GLONASS NP spokesman explained.

As an example, Yaroslav Fedoseyev cited a scenario when a group of schoolchildren does not have time to cross a pedestrian crossing during the Gorenje of the traffic light. In this case, the accompanying group will be able to connect to the traffic light via a smartphone and extend the validity of the enabling signal.

In order to prevent the app from being used for hooligan purposes, restrictions for its use will be developed in the near future.

On March 3, it was reported that in Russia in 2022, a new service will start informing drivers about traffic lanes.


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