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Medical students in Moscow promises a salary of 100 thousand rubles for fighting COVID-19

Metropolitan hospitals that treat patients with coronavirus are ready to hire medical students with a salary of 100 thousand rubles. This was announced on Wednesday, April 29, by the Moscow headquarters for control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus infection.

“At the suggestion of the mayor of Moscow, medical students can start working in hospitals. They are offered a choice of several work options. The monthly salary will be more than 100 thousand rubles, ” the statement says.

The headquarters clarified that all students will be trained to work with patients infected with coronavirus on the portal of continuing medical education of the Ministry of health of Russia.

In addition, students will not only receive a salary, but will be able to count on free Lunches and provision of all necessary means of protection.

Last week, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin appointed incentive payments to students of 4 and 5 courses of medical schools that help patients infected with coronavirus.

On April 14, Ilya Semin, the head of the all-Russian popular front’s “professional Training” project, offered to increase scholarships to students who help patients with coronavirus infection.

As of April 29, 99,399 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Russia. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 972 patients have died, and 10,286 have recovered.

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