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dollar fell to 73 rubles


Against the background of the US Federal reserve’s statement, the ruble began to grow and won back more than 1 ruble from the US dollar as of 23: 30 Moscow time on April 29. It follows from the data Mosberg.

So, according to calculations for “tomorrow”, the dollar for the first time since April 14 fell to 73.07 rubles, the Euro fell by 76 cents – to 79.44 rubles.

Earlier on Wednesday, the dollar fell to 72.99 rubles the lowest since April 14.

On April 29, the US regulator decided to keep the base interest rate at 0-0. 25% per annum.

To this level, the rate was lowered unscheduled in March due to the severe consequences of the coronavirus epidemic that the American economy faced.

On April 24, the Central Bank updated the basic scenario of the macroeconomic forecast. It was on the basis of these calculations that the Central Bank decided to change the rate, which was reduced by 50 bps on April 24 to 5.5% per annum.


In some respects, the radically updated forecast turned out to be even tougher than experts had expected. For example, the regulator expects that the economy will end 2020 with a negative result (minus 4-6% of GDP), and the next two will go to restore losses from the pandemic.



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