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World Bank approves the allocation of $135 million to Ukraine to fight Coronavirus

The Board of Directors of the world Bank (WB) approved additional funding for Ukraine in the amount of $135 million for the project “Improving public health in the service of people”, of which $35 million will be directed to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the country. On Monday, April 27, the Bank said in a statement.

“This additional funding will help Ukraine to update about 40 emergency departments and stroke departments, enabling hospitals to conduct complex medical procedures using high-tech equipment and appropriate treatment protocols,” – is quoted in the text of the comment of the acting Director of the world Bank for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine Alex Kremer.

He noted that patients will be able to choose any hospital in the country, and the cost of operations will be allocated from the state budget.

It is added that additional funds will help Ukraine to modernize medical institutions and implement important reforms.

On April 18, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree on the establishment of the coronavirus control Fund in Ukraine. About $2.3 billion was allocated for funding. The funds will go to priority areas to counter the spread of infection.

According to Worldometer on April 28, the country recorded more than 9 thousand cases of coronavirus infection, of which 220 were fatal. A total of 864 people recovered.

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