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Trump speaks about “liability options” for China for the coronavirus

The US, like other countries, is considering several options for liability for China due to the spread of the coronavirus, us leader Donald trump said at a briefing on April 27.

He noted that Germany has already billed Beijing for €30 billion, while Washington is counting on much more money.

“We are exploring options, and we are talking about much more money than Germany. We haven’t made a final decision yet,” trump said during the speech.

The US President added that Washington is conducting a very serious investigation about the role of Beijing in the beginning of the pandemic.

This is not the first time trump has spoken about China’s responsibility for the appearance of the coronavirus. Earlier, he noted that he would hold China accountable if it turns out that the country did not take the necessary measures to prevent the pandemic or hid data.

On April 27, the US President’s economic adviser, Peter Navarro, accused China of supplying counterfeit tests to detect coronavirus, and also expressed confidence that Beijing should be held responsible for what is happening.

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