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Trump comments on Kim Jong UN’s health


US President Donald trump said that he is aware of the state of North Korean leader Kim Jong UN, but will not go into details.

During a press conference on April 27, the American President noted that he could not “now” talk about Kim Jong-UN’s health, but soon everyone will know everything.

“I just wish him all the best… I hope he’s all right. I know how he feels, ” trump said.

Rumors about the deterioration of the North Korean leader’s health and even his death appeared in April after the publication of the South Korean daily NK newspaper that Kim Jong-UN had undergone heart surgery.

Then in a number of American and Japanese media, citing anonymous sources, there were reports about the serious condition of the head of the North Korean state and even about his possible death. Rumors were fueled by the fact that Kim Jong-UN has not appeared in public since mid-April.

On April 27, South Korean presidential adviser moon Jong-In denied suggestions that the North Korean leader had died. According to him, the head of the neighboring state has been in Wonsan since April 13 and feels well.


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