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United States begins to use heartburn medication in the treatment of coronavirus


United States began to use heartburn medication in the treatment of coronavirus, Also Several new York hospitals offer heartburn medications to patients with the coronavirus, CNN reported April 27.

According to the TV channel, the choice of doctors is due to the presence of famotidine in these drugs. Some studies conducted in China have noted the effectiveness of this substance in the fight against coronavirus.

While 187 patients with COVID-19 are taking part in experimental treatment, doctors expect to try heartburn medications for 1.2 thousand infected patients.

If the effectiveness of famotidine in the treatment of coronavirus is confirmed, its widespread use will be easy to organize in a short time.

Currently, doctors around the world use antimalarial drugs and HIV medications in the fight against coronavirus.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 972 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the United States, and about 55 thousand people died.


On April 20, Chinese scientists told about effective drugs against COVID-19. Professional studies show that chloroquine and favipiravir most effective.

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