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Police officers may be requires to exclude obscenities from speech

In accordance with the code of ethics and official conduct, employees of the internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation will be obliged to clearly and accurately Express their thoughts, as well as to exclude obscenities from speech. The corresponding draft order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia was posted on Monday, April 27, on the portal of normative legal acts.

“Ethical standards and requirements require an employee to observe the culture of speech when performing official activities and during off-duty time, to be able to correctly, clearly and accurately convey thoughts, adhere to accepted speech norms, and refrain from obscene language and jargon,” the document says.

According to the code, police officers must respect and take into account national customs and traditions, religious feelings of citizens, cultural and other characteristics of various ethnic and social groups. Law enforcement officers are also required to behave with dignity, courtesy and goodwill, arousing people’s trust and respect for the internal Affairs agencies and readiness to assist them.

Police officers are required to treat citizens with sensitivity and attention, especially to elderly people, women, children, people with disabilities and people with disabilities.

When driving a car or other vehicle, the law enforcement officer must serve as a model of compliance with traffic rules and driver’s courtesy.

The code imposes a ban on employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs to publicly participate in gambling, use of drugs and psychotropic substances for non-medical purposes, as well as to drink alcoholic beverages on the eve of and during the performance of official duties. According to the developed document, police officers must show respect for their seniors by position, special rank or age, as well as preserve and increase the professional traditions of the internal Affairs bodies and transfer their service experience to young employees.

At the moment, the draft order is under public discussion. It is scheduled to be completed on may 11.

On April 22, the Russian government approved amendments to the law” on police ” that expand the rights of police officers. The document allows police officers to open cars, cordon off residential buildings and fence off places where mass events are held.

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