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Experts presents the health index of employees in the labor market

Research service of the Russian online recruitment platform found out the expectations of Russian workers in the labor market from the second quarter of 2020. Experts also found out in which industries and regions most people lost their jobs or left on their own.

Experts have developed a “well-being index”, which reflects the assessment of the current state (well-being) and expectations in the near future. It consists of parameters, the total score for which allowed you to get an idea of the position of employees of companies and job seekers in the labor market.

The data is presented in indexes, whose values range from -1 to +1, where ” -1 ” indicates negative moods of employees, and “+1” indicates their stable self — perception for this indicator.

The mood on the Russian labor market in the run-up to the second quarter of 2020 has deteriorated sharply. This was affected by the current crisis related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the freezing of many sectors of the economy.

“The index of well-being of job seekers in the labor market fell to the lowest level in the history of the study at -0.21 points,” experts said on Monday, April 27.

The most negative attitude among applicants from the tourism sector, as well as the sphere of art and entertainment. Applicants in the IT sphere, as well as novice specialists, doctors and employees of the extractive sector feel the most confident. At the same time, the greatest concern about their position in the labor market is expressed by applicants from the capital regions: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Applicants from the Far East, Siberia and the Volga region are least concerned.

The survey was conducted by the research Service March 24-April 23, 2020 among 19,025 Russian applicants.

Compared to the first quarter, the percentage of non-working respondents who were laid off from their last job increased: if this percentage was usually about 10%, now it is 20%.

Almost 16% of respondents from the tourism sector indicated that they lost their jobs due to the current crisis. This was also stated by 12% of applicants from the field of art and entertainment, and 10% – from the field of marketing, advertising and PR.

This is the first time the health index has fallen so low: after three years of being stable at the level of -0.03 to -0.08, it has collapsed to the level of -0.21. The greatest pessimism is also experienced by employees working in the arts, entertainment and media, as well as in the banking sector. Applicants from the IT sphere feel the most relaxed.

The least likely to feel the threat of dismissal are applicants from the far Eastern Federal district (0.13). Also, novice specialists (0.43) and representatives of the extractive sector (0.27) are less afraid of cuts than others. Representatives of the tourism sector (-0.23) feel the least stable.

Job search in their specialty is considered the most problematic by applicants from the North-Western Federal district (-0.44), the least problematic — in the Siberian Federal district (-0.39).

“Difficulties with job search are primarily noted by top managers (-0.61), applicants from the art sector (-0.57) and the restaurant and tourism sector (-0.55),” the sociologists noted.

The most puzzled by the search for a new job are applicants from the southern and North Caucasus Federal districts (-0.6), the least critical question for residents of the far Eastern Federal district (-0.44).

Most of the applicants who are willing to work for lower wages for the sake of employment are in the capital regions, which are probably the most affected by the crisis so far. The far Eastern Federal district had the least number of such applicants (-0.11).

The employment optimism index remained at 0.2 for two years and fell to 0.08: the share of those who believe in the success of employment in the near future decreased by 10 percentage points (from 64% to 54%).


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