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Kremlin did not see the facts of China’s delays on response to the coronavirus

The Kremlin did not see any confirmed facts that China did not react prematurely to the threat of the spread of the coronavirus, Russian presidential press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday, April 23.

“We have not seen any confirmed arguments for such statements,” Peskov said, answering the question whether the Kremlin agrees that China did not react prematurely to the threat of the spread of the coronavirus and hid data about the infection.

The press Secretary was also asked about the initiative of some US officials to file lawsuits against China to compensate for economic losses due to COVID-19.

“We believe that the coronavirus is a common challenge for all of humanity, a challenge for the global economy and for each country individually. President Putin is convinced that joint coordinated efforts are needed for a common victory over the coronavirus and for a gradual recovery of the world economy from the crisis,” Peskov said, adding that the Russian side is in contact with Chinese partners.

A day earlier, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo accused China of failing to warn the world health organization (WHO) about COVID-19.

Earlier in the day, the Chinese Embassy in Australia reported that Canberra followed the US in pursuing an “anti-Chinese policy”, accusing China of hiding information on the coronavirus and calling for greater transparency in this matter.

On April 15, Fox News reported that the first person infected with the coronavirus worked in the laboratory Of the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. It is from there that the virus allegedly leaked. A similar theory was presented on April 5 by the British media with reference to intelligence.

At the same time, US President Donald trump promised to investigate the “strange” origin of the coronavirus. In addition, he accused Beijing and the world health organization of hiding information about the COVID-19 disease. For this reason, Washington stopped funding WHO.

According to the international statistical office Worldometer, as of April 23, there are more than 2.64 million infected people in the world. More than 184 thousand people died.

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