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Expert name ways to stop the spread of coronavirus in Russia


Expert says Russia will not rise in the world ranking for the number of cases of a new coronavirus infection if the regional authorities manage to contain the situation with its spread. This opinion was expressed by Olga Lebedinskaya, associate Professor of the Department of economic statistics at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

According to her, if the government manages to keep the situation in this proportion: 70% Moscow and the region, and 30% the regions, the incidence will decrease. Lebedinskaya clarified that with a negative scenario of the situation in the regions, the incidence may get out of control.

“It is very important to keep our granaries, which should now be sown, it is important to keep the North (mining entities), and the subjects in which the military-industrial complex is developed (The military-industrial complex. – Ed.), ” the expert noted.

Lebedinskaya also drew attention to the fact that the rate of infected people per 1 thousand people in Russia is only 0.29, while in the United States it is 2.31, in France 2.3, in Italy 2.96, and in Spain 4.23. However, the Russian Federation now has a special situation, since most of the cases are in Moscow and the Moscow region, where this figure is 1.46, which is seven times more than in the whole country. The expert concluded that the restriction on movement on transport and the territorial location of the population helps to contain the coronavirus at the moment.

To date, the coronavirus has been detected in more than 2.5 million people worldwide, the Federal news Agency reminds. More than 177 thousand people died and almost 602 thousand recovered. At the same time, Russia is among the top ten in terms of the number of infected people.

As of April 21, the total number of cases in Russia reached 52,763, 456 patients died, and 3,873 recovered.


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