Nutritionist names the mistakes of those who want to lose weight when choosing products

Nutritionist names the mistakes of those who want to lose weight, most people who want to lose weight give up fat sauces, store-bought pastries, sugary drinks and processed meats in favor of “fat-burning” nuts, low-fat yoghurts, avocado and olive oil. However, according to nutritionist Encarni Perez, these products can, on the contrary, provoke weight gain.

So, he pointed out the mistake that is made when eating salad with avocado, seasoned with olive oil. According to the expert, the dish, which is often added walnuts, contains about 1.5 thousand calories. This is almost equal to the daily rate of kilocalories for a person who is trying to lose weight.

The nutritionist encourages you to eat some healthy foods in moderation and be careful with their mixes. Otherwise, in his opinion, a person unknowingly gains fat mass for himself, writes the April 20 edition of La Vanguardia.

Perez added that to reduce weight, it is necessary to give up foods that do not contain the necessary nutrients. Among them are not only alcohol, sausages and semi-finished products, but also light yoghurts.

The fact is that, according to the expert, such products only whet the appetite and do not bring any benefit to the body.

“An Apple and a carrot will be a more useful snack than a “light” yogurt. As an alternative-a banana, dried figs or a bowl of natural yogurt with oat flakes,” he said.

On the eve of the doctor-therapist Ekaterina Belova gave recommendations to Russians on the organization of proper nutrition in conditions of self-isolation. The expert noted that during the quarantine it is worth eating more vegetables and fruits. And sweet and flour, on the contrary, exclude.

While staying at home, the load on the stomach increases, now it is the same as after the new year holidays, the specialist added.

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