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Moscow authorities they have no plans to introduce pedestrian passes

Moscow authorities do not yet plan to introduce passes for pedestrians to move around the city, said the first Deputy head of the Moscow mayor’s office Alexey Nemeryuk.

“We did not plan to introduce passes specifically for pedestrians. But in any case, it is better to always carry your passport with you. Because the police can always stop if they see a crowd of people, “he said on Ekho Moskvy radio station on Tuesday, April 21.

Nemeryuk also noted that fines for motorists without passes can technically come from each camera, but the question of whether this will be introduced in practice is still being discussed.

“The question is not easy, technically this possibility exists, it is exactly the same when you repeatedly violate traffic rules during the day, you get several fines. To date, I understand that colleagues are still discussing this issue, ” he said.

Nemeryuk stressed that if the fine was issued by mistake, it can be appealed within 10 days from the date of receipt.

On March 29, the authorities of Moscow and the Moscow region introduced a mandatory home self-isolation regime for all residents. Subsequently, such restrictive measures were introduced in other regions of the country.

Due to the deterioration of the situation with coronavirus in the capital, electronic passes for transport trips were introduced. Since April 15, it is mandatory to travel by private or public transport.

The pedestrian crossing is not necessary. To move around the city, you need a document indicating the address of the citizen’s residence.

As of April 21, the total number of cases in Russia reached 52,763, 456 patients died, and 3,873 recovered.

All current information on the situation with coronavirus is available on the websites stopkoronavirus. RF and . hotline For coronavirus: 8 (800) 2000-112. In addition, information is available via the hashtag #Myvote.

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