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CPS compares the effectiveness of antibacterial and plain soap

Antibacterial soap will not protect Russians from coronavirus better than usual. This information is transmitted on Monday, April 20, by the press service of Rospotrebnadzor.

“It is important to remember that there is no need to wash your hands with “antibacterial” soap. In order to wash off the virus, it is enough to wash your hands with ordinary soap, that is, the one that you already have at home,” the service said in a statement.

According to the research Institute of Rospotrebnadzor’s disinfection, which the Agency refers to, there is no standard for antibacterial soap and criteria for its effectiveness. The fact is that such soap is made with antimicrobial additives. Their number is regulated solely by the desire of the manufacturer, who sometimes may not add them at all, using the “antibacterial” label as a successful marketing move.

“So-called “antibacterial” soap may not destroy viruses, since viruses are not bacteria, and their resistance is different. But this soap, like any other, can just wash them off. In this regard, Rospotrebnadzor experts recommend using any soap, it will provide approximately the same effect, ” the report says.

The Agency also gave instructions on how to wash your hands properly to reduce the risk of Contracting a number of infections, including a new coronavirus.

So, hands must be washed with soap, using warm running water. Lather them for at least 30 seconds. Drying hands, according to the service, is no less important in the process of cleaning them. After the soap is washed off, you need to wipe them dry.

“When you are in a public toilet, use a paper towel to open and close the door to the toilet room and press the button of the drain tank,” the CPS noted.

Hand washing should be done before eating and cooking, applying makeup, and putting on contact lenses. Before you touch the places where the skin is damaged, as well as during medical manipulations, your hands should be thoroughly washed.

The Department also provided a list of situations after which hand washing is also necessary, including, for example, cooking, contact with money and working at the computer.

The day before, the Ministry of emergency situations gave advice on the prevention of coronavirus infection. Experts told us how to properly process products before use.


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