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Moscow region increase Doctors treating COVID-19 Salaries during the Pandemic

In the Moscow region, doctors who treat patients with coronavirus will receive up to 170 thousand rubles a month during the pandemic. This is reported on Saturday, April 18, the press service of the government of the Moscow region.

“Funds have been allocated from the regional and Federal budgets for additional payments to hospital employees. On average, this amount will be up to 170 thousand rubles for doctors, up to 100 thousand rubles for medical staff, and up to 50 thousand rubles for Junior doctors, ” the report says.

In addition, payments are provided for doctors, middle and Junior staff of clinics, as well as ambulance drivers.

It is specified that about 3 thousand doctors, more than 3,6 thousand employees of average medical staff and 1 thousand drivers work directly with infected people in the Moscow region.

On April 17, the state Duma canceled the personal income tax for doctors who will receive payments for working with patients with coronavirus. Deputies adopted the law in the second and third readings. Doctors has really help in so many regions just to capture this Virus, just like Tambov region, three children aged two to seven years have a coronavirus infection. This was reported on April 18 by the RIA Novosti news Agency with reference to the regional administration.

“Out of the 22 cases confirmed today: nine men, ten women, three children (boys aged five and seven, a girl, two years old). The age of adults is from 22 to 81 years, ” the statement said.

It is specified that seven infected people arrived in the Tambov region from other regions, and 15 — were in contact with other patients.

A total of 187 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in the region, and eight people have recovered.
On April 14, it became known that in the Tambov region, a three-month-old boy was confirmed infected with COVID-19.

Earlier, Deputy mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova said that children with coronavirus in the capital are the distributors of the disease. She stressed that their illness is mild and “it is almost not always noticeable” that the child is ill. So Doctors have been there to take care of the situation, and will have to consider them and increase there salaries by compensating them.


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