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In Moscow, plasma donors for COVID-19 patients will be paid money

Plasma donors for those infected with coronavirus in Moscow will be paid money. This was announced on Friday, April 17, by the Vice-mayor of the capital Anastasia Rakova.

“According to the decision of the clinical Committee, last week in Moscow began testing a new method of fighting coronavirus. Experts believe that the blood of people who have been ill with coronavirus contains antibodies that help to cope with the infection, which means that there is confidence that this can help in the fight against the pandemic,” Rakova said.

She noted that this method of treatment is actively used in the United States, China, Germany and other countries.

Rakova stressed that more than 100 people are being treated every day in Moscow and the total number of those who have recovered has already exceeded 1.5 thousand.

“This means that there are potential donors. I appeal to all these people. You were helped by doctors to cope with the infection, and you also help those who are in hospitals today, ” the Vice-mayor said.

She added that on behalf of Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin, a regulatory act will be prepared that will establish payments for plasma donors.

In early April, scientists from Hong Kong said that blood transfusions from people who have had the coronavirus can help in the treatment of new patients.

At the end of March, Russian scientists from SKOLKOVO found a way to destroy viruses. Experts have found that water treated with cold plasma can kill the coronavirus.


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