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Scientists name first signs of a severe form of coronavirus

Scientists from the Grossman school of Medicine at new York University have identified early signs of infection with a severe form of COVID-19. The results of their work are published on the medRxiv portal.

Experts examined data from more than 4.1 thousand patients with coronavirus, half of whom later needed hospitalization, and 650 connection to a ventilator.

It turned out that if the patient has an early increase in the indicators of C-reactive protein, D-dimer and ferritin, then most likely, the coronavirus will go to a severe stage.

This is evidenced by the low level of oxygen in the blood (less than 88%).
Scientists also confirmed that people with obesity are more likely to be in a critical condition. They also get sick more than others.

On the eve of it became known that scientists from the Grossman Medical school analyzed data on 8 thousand hospitalized with coronavirus and found that 46% of them were over 65 years old and suffered from obesity.

On March 23, the chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka, Denis Protsenko, told about the signs of infection with a severe form of coronavirus. According to him, it is worth paying attention to the combination of three symptoms.

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