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WHO creates a way to approach the peak incidence of COVID-19 in Russia

The peak of the spread of coronavirus in Russia will be passed faster if citizens observe a social distance and thus stop the transmission of infection. This was stated by the representative of the world health organization (WHO) in Russia Melita Vujinovich on Monday, April 13.

“The faster and better the social distance is observed, the better cases are detected and isolated, the monitoring and testing of those who have been in contact with the sick and their isolation for 15 days is carried out, the faster we will see a decrease in the number of cases,” she told RIA Novosti.

According to her, last week there was an increase in social contacts of Moscow residents, as well as cases of severe pneumonia in people who did not have contact with infected people and were not in isolation. Because of this, the authorities were forced to take new measures.

“The appearance of people and cars on the streets suggests that people meet, gather in groups — perhaps in closed spaces. Therefore, measures are needed to better comply with these restrictions. — Ed.) reduce contacts,” said Vujnović.

The representative of who noted that the new measures are designed to reduce the number of new cases and should be effective, but their effectiveness depends on compliance with restrictions by citizens. Vujinovic urged everyone who has SARS symptoms to wear masks, self-isolate themselves even from their family members and follow hygiene rules.

Earlier in the day, experts updated the forecast for the onset of peak infection in Russia. According to doctor of biological Sciences Mikhail Kirpichnikov, the peak of the epidemic will come at the end of April-before the may holidays, after which it will reach a plateau, the duration of which will depend on the discipline of citizens.

At the same time, Director of the HSE Institute of health Economics Larisa Popovich claims that there is no positive dynamics in the situation with COVID-19 in Russia. The expert explained the deterioration of the situation by the irresponsibility of some citizens, including young people, who neglect preventive measures, mistakenly believing that they are not at risk.

The head of the Federal medical and biological Agency (FMBA) Veronika Skvortsova believes that the peak of the disease in the country will come in 10-14 days. This forecast was given on April 7.

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