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YouTube restores RT’s interview with the chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka

YouTube video hosting restored a video from the interview of the chief doctor of the infectious diseases hospital in Kommunarka, Denis Protsenko, which was previously deleted from the RT in Russian channel.

As explained in Google, it was deleted by mistake “in conditions of limited resources”, writes “RIA Novosti”.

The video entitled “All the answers about coronavirus-from the chief doctor of a special hospital” was published on March 20 as part of the special project “Epidemic”. to date, it has been viewed by more than 3 million people.

Some time after publication, it was removed as “unacceptable” and “violating community rules”. At the moment, the video is available for viewing again.

On April 11, the chief physician of the medical institution Denis Protsenko said that over the past day, 79 people were admitted to the hospital in the Moscow Kommunarka, 87 were discharged.

As of the morning of April 11, 159 thousand Russians are under surveillance due to suspicion of COVID-19.

As of April 10, the number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia exceeded 11.9 thousand, 94 patients died, and 795 recovered.


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