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Trump criticizes Swedish model of fighting coronavirus

The number of victims of COVID-19 in the United States would reach 2 million people if the country’s authorities chose a model for fighting the pandemic, following the example of Sweden, which refused to impose strict restrictions to protect its economy as much as possible. This was announced on Friday, April 10, by US President Donald trump.

However, the us leader admitted that Sweden is different from the United States, as it is “a very disciplined country.”

“They went the other way… We could go down this path, and if we did, I think we would have 2 million dead, ” the Washington Post quoted trump as saying.

According to him, the UK initially also chose the Swedish model, but this only made the situation worse, and the country lost a lot of time.

Thanks to the current measures of the American authorities, the number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States, according to trump, may eventually reach from 55 thousand to 75 thousand.

Sweden refused to introduce a quarantine and chose its own way of fighting the coronavirus, which involves preserving the normal way of life of citizens.

Earlier, Swedish doctor Yngve Gustafson warned that the country could soon face “terrible numbers” of deaths among the elderly from a coronavirus infection.

According to Worldometer data for April 10, 9,685 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Sweden, 870 people died, and 381 recovered.

In the United States, as of April 10, 490,925 cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus were registered, while 18,239 people died, and 26,777 patients were discharged from hospitals.

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