Sobyanin announces the introduction of digital passes for transport trips

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced that from April 15, digital passes will be introduced in the capital for trips on any transport. This is reported on the website of the mayor on Saturday, April 11.

You can order it on the portal or by SMS to the short number 7377.
According to Sobyanin, getting a pass should be “no more difficult than placing an order in an online store.”

“The pass system is declarative. Everyone can get a digital pass, and the list of valid reasons for traveling is open, ” the website says.

As stated in the relevant decree of the mayor, to get a pass for a personal car, you will need to provide its license plate number.

Sobyanin specified that the pass will be required for trips by any type of transport motorcycle, scooter, car, taxi, metro, MCC, MCD, suburban railway and ground public transport.

At the same time, several categories of citizens can travel for official purposes without a pass. These are military personnel, law enforcement officers, judges and other employees who have certificates of the state-established model.
The mayor said that the electronic pass is a special code of numbers and letters. The first four signs indicate the expiration date, while the remaining 12 are used to identify the owner and the purpose of the trip.

“The QR code on the pass provides quick verification of information by employees of regulatory authorities,” Sobyanin explained.

He stressed that at the end of the high-alert regime in Moscow, all information about passes will be destroyed.

The day before, the mayor of Moscow announced the introduction of a pass regime in the capital next week. At the first stage, passes will be introduced for commuting to work. In the second stage-for trips for other purposes. And in the third stage, if necessary, for movement within the area.

On April 9, the city introduced new fines against quarantine violators for driving. The measures have been in effect since April 10. According to Sobyanin, only those who violate the official quarantine will be fined, and not all car owners in a row.

From March 29 to may 1 in Moscow, due to the spread of the coronavirus, by order of the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, a mandatory self-isolation regime is in effect. Citizens are allowed to leave their homes only in cases of urgent need: when visiting doctors, going to a store or pharmacy, and for walking Pets.

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