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Ministry of health reports 170 doctors with COVID-19 in a hospital in Ufa

The initial test for coronavirus detected infection in 170 doctors and patients of the quarantined Republican clinical hospital in Ufa, where more than a thousand patients and doctors have been quarantined since April 6. This was stated at a briefing on Friday, April 10, the head of the Department of the Ministry of health of Russia in Bashkiria Maxim Zabelin.

“The RCB has been quarantined since the 6th day, the primary diagnosis was carried out there, most patients and doctors have negative results for coronavirus, 170 of them are subject to repeated verification to confirm or refute the results,” RIA Novosti quotes Zabelin as saying.

As reported on April 6, the Republican clinical hospital named after G. G. Kuvatov in Ufa was closed for quarantine due to suspicion of COVID-19 in five doctors and two patients.

At a briefing on April 7, Zabelin said that the medical facility was closed for quarantine after the death of an 80-year-old patient with a coronavirus. “There are more than 600 patients in the hospital and the same number of staff who are subject to quarantine and laboratory testing,” Interfax quoted him as saying. Everyone was tested for infection.

According to the UFA1 portal, doctors of the hospital named after G. G. Kuvatov recorded a video showing products sent, according to doctors, to their colleagues from other hospitals. According to the husband of one of the nurses, medical workers in the quarantine hospital “are not fed, are not released and they have to work around the clock.”

As of April 10, a total of 40 cases of infection with this virus have been confirmed in the Republic of Bashkortostan.


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