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The psychologist gives advice for maintaining relationships during self-isolation

To ensure that self-isolation for spouses does not end in divorce, the famous Russian psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky gave practical know-how to preserve the nervous system and marriage.

The expert noted that self-isolation for any couple whose partners are either officially married, or just live together, is not just a serious test, but an extreme situation. In order not to harm the relationship and not to hurt each other’s feelings, the psychologist advises couples to conclude a “non-aggression agreement” and get each their own personal place for privacy and recreation.

“Very specific proposals for married couples-to conclude a moratorium on clarifying relations for the entire period of self-isolation. If something starts to infuriate and irritate you, then under the moratorium, the first thing you should do (and all family members) is to have your own room and your own corner, if you don’t have a room,” Ren TV reports Labkovsky’s words.

At the same time, the psychologist is sure that the relationship is not equal to patience. According to him, if a couple is forced to live with each other, then it is not worth continuing this relationship. However, Labkovsky notes that in isolation, everyone is nervous and everyone is worried, and for someone such a long stay with another person is simply unusual.

The expert urges couples not to clarify their relationship in any case, while they are on the same territory until the end of self-isolation.

On the eve of “globalgistng” got acquainted with the results of surveys of the service “Lady” according to which, in every seventh Russian couple (14%), the number of quarrels increased after the transition to self-isolation. We are talking about partners who live together.

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