Russian engineers have develops a prototype of a sterile air conditioner


Russian engineers are ready to solve the problem of the danger of air conditioners, the work of which, as stated in the recommendations of the Ministry of health for the prevention of coronavirus, increases the likelihood of infection.

Experts have combined the UV lamp and HVAC equipment. This effect can destroy RNA and DNA not only of viruses, but also of bacteria.

As a result, the device is able to clean the air in the premises from viruses for half an hour and further maintain their sterility. The prototype of the installation, which is designed for an area of 50 to 150 m, has already been made.

The device can be equipped with stores, pharmacies, Bank branches and ground transport, and mass production can be established in the coming weeks.

The possibility of using devices with new UV lamps in transport was confirmed to Izvestiya in the Institute of Railway hygiene of Rospotrebnadzor. Scientists stressed the need to create a variant of the installation with a capacity of 5,000 cubic meters per hour, since this is the volume of air that passes through a modern electric train car.


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