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Psychologist talks about the methods of stress relief during the period of self isolation

Hand washing, washing dishes and caring for flowers will help to relieve emotional stress during the period of self-isolation. On Thursday, April 9, Yulia Chelysheva, a member of the Federation of educational psychologists of the Russian Federation, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, told about such methods of dealing with stress.

According to her, during the period of forced stay at home, a person accumulates aggression, which needs to be given a way out. The methods indicated to her, as well as “any activity related to water and fine motor skills”, help to relieve internal tension.

The psychologist noted that regular sports activities and anti-stress coloring pages also help to relax. But if, according to her, the internal tension has reached its peak, then for emotional discharge, you can “vent aggression on the surrounding things.”

“However, it is necessary to choose unbreakable items, make sure that they do not harm themselves or others. As an option-just hit something loud rattling”, – quotes her city news Agency “Moscow”.

Chelysheva called shouting or emotional singing an alternative to breaking dishes.

Earlier on Thursday, psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky gave advice to couples to maintain relationships during self-isolation.

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