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New York city breaks the daily record for the number of victims of coronavirus


In the American city of new York, 799 people have died as a result of coronavirus infection over the past 24 hours. This was the state’s new anti-record for the number of infection victims per day. On Thursday, April 9, ABC News reported, citing new York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The day before, 779 people died in the state from a disease caused by a coronavirus, the highest number in 24 hours at the time. The total number of coronavirus victims in the state to date, according to the TV channel, has exceeded 6 thousand people.

Governor Cuomo compared the state’s losses from the coronavirus to the number of victims of the September 11 terrorist attack, when 2,753 people were killed in the attack on the world trade center. The state authorities, according to the new York Governor, are going to attract additional funeral agencies to cope with the burials of victims of the disease.

The total number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the United States, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, reached 432,596, died-14,831, recovered-24,245. The United States has the second highest number of deaths due to infection in the world.

Italy still has the highest number of deaths due to coronavirus infection. There was 17 699 deaths, the number of cases — 139 422, recovered — 26 491.

The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus began spreading around the world at the end of December last year from the Chinese city of Wuhan. Within a few months, cases of infection were detected in more than 190 countries. On March 11, who declared a coronavirus pandemic.


According to the University, a total of 1,506,936 people were infected in the world, 311,508 patients recovered, and 90,056 died.



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