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Unilever announces the launch of antiseptic production near Tula

On April 8, Unilever announced the start of production of an antibacterial gel at its contract facilities in the Tula region. The planned volume is up to 1 million packages per month.

“Unilever has established the production of an antibacterial gel in Russia under the brand name “Velvet handles”. This is how the company responded to the market’s request in the context of an increase in infectious diseases in the country,” TASS reports.

Hand gel with antibacterial effect will be produced on the basis of 70% ethyl alcohol in accordance with the recommendations of the world health organization. It will be produced on the basis of LLC “Aerosol Novomoskovsk” in the Tula region.

Stores and pharmacies will receive the product in mid-April.

Gazprom has previously announced its readiness to start producing antiseptics. Disinfectants will be created from isopropanol and ethanol, which can be used as base substances for sanitizers. Gazprom is ready to deploy such production at its plants in a short time.

Earlier in April, the Ministry of emergency situations was urged not to use vodka as an antiseptic for hands or an ingredient for preparing a disinfectant. Also, the Russians were told what items they most often forget to disinfect.

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