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Putin announces a Federal surcharge for doctors working with coronavirus


A special Federal payment will be established for medical personnel who work with patients with coronavirus. It will be in effect for three months, starting in April, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with regional heads.

Doctors will receive 80 thousand rubles, average medical staff-50 thousand rubles, Junior — 25 thousand rubles. Ambulance specialists should also receive additional payments, the head of state stressed: doctors should receive 50 thousand rubles, paramedics, nurses and drivers — 25 thousand rubles.

In the near future, the Russian authorities will allocate 10 billion rubles to the regions for these payments, the President said.

Earlier on April 8, Putin ordered higher insurance guarantees for doctors, as for military personnel, at the expense of the Federal budget.

In Russia, as of Wednesday, April 8, 8672 cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed, 1175 of them in the last day. 580 people have recovered. 63 patients died.



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