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nutritionist names products that are not suitable for the microwave

First of all, do not cook eggs and boil water in the microwave, as you can get burns. Elena Solomatina, a dietitian, told Vechernaya Moskva newspaper about this.

According to her, the water in the microwave is heated evenly and boiling occurs instantly, “like an explosion.” Because the water bubbles and splashes, you can get burns. And eggshells in the microwave can not withstand the growing pressure from inside and burst at any moment, “like a grenade”.

Also, superheated currant berries, grapes and apples can explode in the microwave oven. Solomatina noted that many products lose their useful properties when heated and can even turn into poison.

“Vitamin C is destroyed when heated. Therefore, for some reason, I do not recommend strongly heating berries and fruits. You can’t heat anything that contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. Unrefined oils are oxidized and turn into a carcinogen. Therefore, do not try to fry seeds in the microwave, they will not be useful,” she said.

Also, do not put “too cold” salads of greens and root vegetables in the microwave, since the plants contain nitrates, which turn into a carcinogen when heated. For the same reason, you should not heat diet coke in the microwave.

“Drinks marked” light ” do not contain sugar, but its chemical substitute, most often aspartame. When heated, it turns into formaldehyde, which is very harmful to health. It can be compared to arsenic,” Solomatina said.

If such a drink is drunk by a small child, a fatal outcome is possible.

It is also dangerous to heat up chocolate bars and imported sweets, as they contain many chemicals that can make the product poisonous when heated.

Solomatina noted that it is not necessary to put fermented milk products in the microwave, since when heated, useful bacteria die in them due to the destruction of their cell walls.

The day before, the nutritionist told about proper nutrition in the conditions of quarantine.

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