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European Commission recommends that EU countries extend travel restrictions until may 15

The European Commission (EC) has recommended that EU countries extend travel restrictions until may 15. This is stated in the materials of the EC published on its website on April 8.

“The experience of member States and other countries affected by the pandemic shows that measures taken to control the spread of the virus take more than 30 days to be effective,” the document says.

The EC called on countries to coordinate the extension, as actions at external borders will only be effective if they are implemented by all countries.

On April 2, it became known that the EU will allocate €100 billion as a short-term employment preservation program, called SURE, because of the imposed quarantine. A day earlier, Sweden was the last country in Europe where there is no quarantine against the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

On April 7, it became known that the EU plans to raise €15 billion to help fight the coronavirus pandemic in the world, especially in African States.

The virus, called SARS-CoV-2, began spreading around the world from China’s Wuhan at the end of December last year.

According to the statistical portal Worldometer, on April 8, more than 1.45 million cases of infection were recorded in the world, and more than 83.3 thousand people died.

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