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Democrat Bernie Sanders suspends participation in the US presidential race

US Senator Bernie Sanders said on Wednesday, April 8, that he is suspending his participation in the presidential race. Thus, the Democratic candidate will be Joe Biden.

Sanders announced the decision to his campaign staff.

In February, according to American journalists, Sanders showed strong results in several States, and he was the preferred candidate in the election until his rival Joe Biden achieved a convincing victory in South Carolina, which rallied moderate voters around the former Vice President.

It is not yet known whether Sanders will support Biden’s candidacy. However, CNN reports that the politician will return to the state of Vermont, which he represents in the Senate.

Journalists emphasize that Sanders held his last public speech in early March. After that, he completely switched to virtual communication with his supporters and voters. In particular, the politician spoke a lot about the coronavirus and how his program with the reform of the health system could prevent or mitigate the consequences of the spread of infection.

On the eve of April 7, ” Gazeta. ” reported that the US election campaign is in limbo due to the coronavirus pandemic. 15 States had to postpone primary elections amid the spread of infection.

In mid-March, the media predicted relegation Sandesa from the presidential race after the primaries. The politician considered this possibility after Biden’s victory in Florida, Illinois and Arizona.

In addition, Biden announced that he is ready to appoint a woman to the post of Vice President if he wins the upcoming presidential election.

The US presidential election will be held on November 3, 2020. The representative of the Republicans-the current us leader Donald trump-announced his intention to participate in them. In early March, he won primaries in all 13 States where the GOP primary elections were held.

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