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Federation Council Shocks by trump’s attempts to claim rights to space

The head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev expressed indignation at the recently issued decree of US President Donald trump, which enshrines the exclusive rights of Americans in space. The Senator wrote about this on Tuesday, April 6, on his Facebook page.

“While the whole world is fighting the coronavirus on Earth, trump is trying to take over space with his decree,” the MP writes.

According to him, the American leader challenged the theses of the UN global agreements, in which the Moon and other celestial bodies are the universal property, and claimed exclusive rights to them.

The politician is outraged by the solidarity of the us transatlantic allies, who have never disputed the thesis of the “exclusivity” of the American nation.

“The transatlantic roundabout has divided the world into the supposedly exceptional and not exceptional, the supposedly worthy and not worthy, the allegedly entitled to everything and allegedly not entitled to anything,” Kosachev adds.

He emphasizes that even if the us allies cede common rights to space, Russia will not put up with trump’s statements.

“I am sure that this is not the end of the story. After all, without any doubt, the majority of humanity – on this, our common, and not on the other side of the moon, where we are stuffed with the last forces of the neoliberal part of the world with a distorted consciousness of megalomania,” the official concludes.

Earlier, on April 7, it became known that trump signed an Executive order in support of commercial development of resources on the moon and other celestial bodies, instructing the American administration to resist any attempts to consider outer space as the common heritage of mankind. Thus, the US rejects the moon agreement adopted by the UN General Assembly.

Sergey Savelyev, Roscosmos ‘Deputy Director General for international cooperation, described the document as” attempts to expropriate outer space “and”plans to actually take over the territories of other planets.” He pointed out that such steps on the part of the United States harm cooperation.


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