Demand for children’s content in online cinemas increases by a third

Since the transition of Russians to self-isolation, the demand for content for children in online cinemas has increased by 25-40%. In an interview with fox, experts suggested that the number of audience among young viewers will grow by 10 million people.

In particular, the Okko service records a twofold increase in the volume of viewing cartoons and movies for children, tvzavr – by 25%, and Megogo-by 24%. MegaFon TV’s consumption of children’s content has increased by more than 40%, while Rostelecom, which owns the Wink video service, has increased by more than 10 times. It is noteworthy that the Wink rating is headed by the cartoon “Masha and the Bear”.

At the same time, online cinemas are only in third place in terms of the number of views of children’s content, behind YouTube and social networks. However, for producers, online cinemas are becoming more important platforms than YouTube, which they used to focus on.

The reason for this is Google’s policy on monetization of children’s content in YouTube, according to which fewer ads are broadcast when viewing videos for children. Because of this, the revenue of many Russian manufacturers has significantly decreased.

On the growth of the number of young users, online cinemas will earn a little, but it is important for them not to lose this audience and to train them to watch content on their site, experts say.

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