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The number of victims of coronavirus in the world exceeds 68 thousand people

As of Monday morning, April 6, there are 1,265,555 people infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus in the world, 68,960 have died, and more than 260 thousand have recovered, the South China Morning Post April newspaper reports.

According to her data, over the past day, the number of infected people increased by 65,075, and another 4189 died.

The first place in the number of infected people is occupied by the United States, where 337,620 infected people were recorded and 9,643 people died.

The leader in the number of infected in Europe is Spain: there, the coronavirus was found in 130,759 people, and 12,480 thousand victims of the virus became victims. In Italy, 15,887 people died from the coronavirus, and the number of those infected was 128,948.

In China, over the past day, 39 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded, while 38 in those who came from abroad. In the past 24 hours, one person has died from the virus in China-in Hubei province.

Earlier in the day, the chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka, Denis Protsenko, said that 62 people were admitted to the medical facility over the past day. He also said that a total of 405 patients are being treated at the medical center. Of these, 357 were diagnosed with pneumonia, and 217 were confirmed to have a coronavirus. There are 31 patients in the intensive care unit (ICU), nine on a ventilator.

By April 6, more than 5 thousand cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in Russia, and 45 patients died.

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