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Government approve measures for sustainable economic development

The Russian government has approved a list of measures for sustainable economic development in the context of the spread of coronavirus infection. This is stated in a message published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers on Monday, April 6.

The resolution approves a number of ways to support entrepreneurs and organizations in the areas most affected by the pandemic. In particular, the deadline for submitting tax returns and calculations, which are due in March-may 2020, is extended by three months. Deadlines for submitting other documents have also been extended for a period of up to 20 days and up to three months.

The start date for tax audits, currency compliance audits, and making decisions based on the results of tax audits has been postponed to June 1.

The procedure for submitting deferred and installment payments of taxes and insurance premiums to organizations for a period of up to one year, depending on the amount of reduction in the taxpayer’s income, and without accruing interest on the amount owed, has also been simplified.

Earlier on April 6, the government approved a list of areas most affected by the coronavirus situation. It includes air transportation, tourism, hotel business, culture, sports and recreation activities, catering, organizations of additional education and non-governmental educational institutions; activities for organizing conferences and exhibitions. In addition, the list includes activities to provide household services to the population (repairs, Laundry, dry cleaning, hairdressing and beauty salons).

As of April 6, 6343 cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in the Russian Federation, 954 of them in the last 24 hours. 406 people were cured. 47 patients died.

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