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12 Coronavirus patient recover in Moscow


Another 12 people were cured of coronavirus over the past weekend in Moscow. The total number of recovered in the capital has reached 210, said on Monday, April 6, Vice-mayor Anastasia Rakova.

Rakova stressed that patients undergo special tests before being discharged from hospitals, RIA Novosti reports. All those who have recovered have completely negative tests.

On April 4, the Vice-mayor said that nine patients who were released to home self-isolation, but violated the regime, were transferred to observatories for treatment. According to her, doctors monitor patients who are treated at home using telemedicine technologies. Using audio and video communication, qualified doctors consult and evaluate the health of patients around the clock.

On April 3, 168 patients recovered from the coronavirus in Moscow.

In total, more than 5,300 cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in Russia. 45 patients were Officially reported dead, and two more were reported dead on April 6.


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