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Teachers of the University of Finance reduce their vacations for a month

Teachers of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation have reduced their vacation for a month and are calling on other universities to follow their example. This is stated in the University’s message received by Izvestia.

On April 6, most higher education institutions in Russia returned to distance learning. For higher education, the situation with coronavirus is a serious challenge, the Financial University said in a statement.

Universities had to switch to lectures and seminars using modern distance learning technologies as soon as possible.

“However, the most difficult stage is ahead-exams and defense of qualifying final papers. Universities understand that it is unacceptable to disrupt both the academic year and the summer intake of children for the first year. Therefore, the training process, which traditionally ended on July 1, will definitely have to be extended. To save the academic year, the teachers of the Financial University gave up a month of their vacation and will go on vacation from August 1,” the University said in a statement.

The University also called on other higher education institutions to follow its example.

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