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Pushkov responds to the Swedish Minister’s statement about Russian trolls

Federation Council member Alexey Pushkov compared the statement about the attack of “Russian trolls” on the Swedish Minister Anders Igeman with the accusations against Russia by former us presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The Senator said this on Sunday, April 5, on his Twitter page.

“Swedish Minister of energy and digital development A. Heman declared himself a “victim of Russian trolls.” In fact, he was “attacked” by Swedish Network users who disagreed with his position. Hillary Clinton also became in 2016 not a victim of “Russian interference”, but her own unpopularity, ” he wrote on his microblog.

Russian Facebook user Anders Igeman declared himself a victim of “Russian trolls” on December 30, 2019, claiming that one of his Facebook posts was attacked by opponents of the country’s fifth-generation 5g mobile communications, TASS notes. The next day, representatives of the Russian Embassy in Sweden ridiculed the Minister’s erroneous opinion about cyber attacks by Russia.

On April 5, the Swedish newspaper SVT Nyheter published the data of its investigation, as a result of which it became known that the comments were left by a local resident who was afraid of radiation from Wi-Fi and 5G networks, and the fears of the Scandinavian politician were unfounded. In this regard, the Russian foreign Ministry on its Facebook page published a photo of the Minister with his hands spread and the caption: “When it turned out that the” attack of Russian trolls “was actually organized by a local group in”foil hats”.

On February 20, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Georgia accused the Russian military of planning and carrying out a cyber attack last October on the websites of state agencies, courts and businesses to undermine national security. Later, the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrey Rudenko denied the accusation.


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