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Doctors in new York will have to wear trash bags instead of dressing gowns


Amid the coronavirus epidemic, doctors at the new York medical center in Brooklyn will have to wear trash bags instead of dressing gowns,said Wayne Riley, President of the SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

According to him, the stocks of medical protective equipment in the hospital are exhausted. There is a shortage of masks and gowns in the national reserves of the United States, so doctors decided to be creative.

“We can’t wait to be provided with state supplies. As we know, the state reserve is exhausted. Our funds will last for a day and a half, ” CNN quoted him as saying.
Riley noted that raincoats and garbage bags will replace the dressing gowns.
At the same time, at the beginning of the week, the head of new York, bill de Blasio, expressed concern that the city’s medicines will probably last only for a week.

New York is currently one of the epicenters of the spread of coronavirus in the United States. The number of deaths there is close to 3 thousand.

In total, according to the Johns Hopkin University, in the country more than 300 thousand infected with coronavirus, more than 8 thousand died.

On April 4, US President Donald trump predicted a large number of deaths from COVID-19.


The day before, the Pentagon sent a funeral team to new York to help the authorities.


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